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Dmit test for children


DMIT Test for Age group 3 to 10 years is to Know your child Inborn Talent. Identify best learning style for your child. Select Activities based upon their innate potential. Identify your child Multiple Intelligence. Improve relationship between parents and children.

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DMIT Test for Students


DMIT Test for students Age group: 11 years to 17 years important stage. Estimates of the 70% of school aged students facing Study problem. DMIT Test integrate more extreme pruning as the mind begins to concentrate and build a good identity. Discovering best learning styles at this young age can better improve on IQ, EQ, CQ AQ and SQ. It also is a guideline about what type of classes one will take. This may be the stage where one can decide with regards to your careers.

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Dmit for Career Guidance


DMIT test for Age group 16 years and above is to know Your Personality Types. Develop your core competencies. Recognize your Multiple Intelligence. Know your Strength and weakness based on MI Theory. Find the most suitable learning and leadership Qualities

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Dmit Test For Adults


DMIT Test for Age group 25 years & above is Know your hidden talents. Improve your relationships with loved ones. Develop your understanding through better communications. Understand your Values and Characteristics .Improve your family relationships

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DMIT Test for Employees


DMIT Test for employees and company human resource can help you find the right Employee for the right job. Pre-Employments Screening. Know your employee Personal potentials IQ-AQ-EQ-SQ-CQ. Discover Leadership, Planning and execution Qualities

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DMIT training for teachers


DMIT Test for schools, colleges & Institutions may help to Identify your student inborn talents and weaknesses. Understand student natural character behaviors, Design multi-modality teaching methods. Meet your student learning different styles and academic needs.

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